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Orla punch doing a standing yoga pose.

Empowering students

to explore their full potential




Orla Punch Dublin yoga teacher

Orla Punch is a Dublin based yoga instructor with over 25 years experience, specialising in the teaching of Iyengar yoga. Introduced to yoga at age three by her mother, Orla has dedicated her pursuits to understanding the human body. After finishing school, she studied physical training and then went on to manage leisure centres. It was here she learned that teaching yoga could be a professional career for her. Eventually at age 28, she began her teacher training and set up her own practice.

“I design my classes to be purposeful and empower students to explore their full potential.


Orla believes in a hands on approach, following years of training as a gymnast in her formative years and describes her teaching practice as “empathetic”.

I firmly believe that each student's ability is different, therefore I adopt a very individual approach to each student no matter what the size of the class. My aim always is to make long-term investments in my students and see positive progression in their practice. I design my classes to be purposeful and empower students to explore their full potential.

son of Orla Punch, Isaac

Orla's son Isaac is also now a key member of the Punch Yoga team.

“Yoga has been a part of

my life for as long

as I can remember.

School days usually began with waking too early in the morning to the sound of my mum and her yogi friends practising in the living room. Holidays away were always based on where the best teachers in Europe were, or where my mum was teaching herself!

When I was around 8 or 9 years old, Saturdays were spent helping her teach yoga to other children, that or walking for miles delivering fliers through the door of what seemed like every house in Dublin at that age. I guess you could say I was Punch Yoga’s first ever employee...but I’m not sure I ever got paid for all my hard work!


As I got older I fell away from yoga busy with friends and my own hobbies throughout school and college. I was in Australia until the coronavirus pandemic hit, so when I returned to Ireland I could see how important it was going to be to offer classes online with people stuck at home. I also knew my mum could just about turn on the TV and work Netflix, so I got stuck in and started being the demonstrator for her online classes and handling the technology side of things.


I am seeing firsthand the knowledge my mum has gained over the past 25 years and it is staggering, I am hoping I can achieve similar in my own career. Working together has brought us closer than before and I’ve been doing yoga consistently for the first time in about 15 years so it has been a real positive out of all the setbacks this year has brought.

~Isaac Punch

Orla Punch yoga teacher, teaching a yoga class in Dublin Yoga studio, Little Bird


Orla describes her classes as focused, supportive and light-hearted. Through continuous study and training along with working with all types of students, she has honed her skills to develop a greater understanding of the human body, resulting in an all-round improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

With the current Covid conditions, online classes have become more of a central focus, with teaching tailored to an online platform without losing the personal instruction. To give focus, Orla concentrates on a different them each week which forms the basis of the structure of the class. Each student is given feedback throughout the class allowing for a better experience for all.


Private tuition is large part of Orla’s teaching practice with classes tailored to anyone’s individual requirements; be it at home or in the office. Chat to us about what best suits your needs and we can work out a plan and schedule together with the added understanding that discretion and privacy is assured for each student.


Orla’s group classes are scheduled weekly and suit a broad range of levels and ages. Her classes will give you an understanding of the basics of yoga but will also help you understand how your body should feel in each pose. Orla teaches about alignment and avoiding injury allowing you to develop your practice effectively and safely. For those more advanced and more goal orientated, Orla specialises in working with students to delve deeper into their practice and reach their full potential.

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Classes provided include

public/group, private tuition,

post injury/illness classes.


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Corporate Wellness
Yoga class in Dublin.



Orla has years of experience working with corporate wellness and can cater to private corporate group classes both within or outside of the work place. Wellness in the workplace is becoming more relevant in these uncertain times and finding a balance for your teams and staff is a valuable pursuit for any employer. If yoga and workplace wellbeing is something you want to bring to your company please come talk to us about your companies requirements.


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